MASCEROL® Glycerine

MASCEROL® Glycerine is a sweet-tasting viscous liquid. Min. 80% Glycerol with a methanol content of less than 0.5% Glycerol has a positive influence on feed intake and can be a crucial ingredient in combating ketosis. In rations with high proportions of rapidly degradable starch or molasses, glycerine can be used as a direct replacement. In beef fattening and pig feeding, pure Glycerol can be used with up to 5% of the ration dry matter (DM) – increasing feed intake.

It is also suitable as a binder for feed manufacture as well as a pelleting aid (up to 8%) due to Glycerol’s water-binding properties.

Property Range
Glycerin Content Min 80.0%
MONG (Matter, Organic Non Glycerin) Max 4
Salts (NaCI, as ash) Max 7.5%

Benefits of feeding MASCEROL® Glycerine

  • Enhances palatability
  • Improves feed intake and therefore body weight gain
  • Helps in the Treatment and prevention of ketosis
  • It can be fed as part of TMR or mixed through your feedmill.

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